The Black community is an amazing collection of intelligence, creativity, strength, power, and will. We display these in the way we live and work. We are entrepreneurs, artists, engineers, designers, chefs, doctors, lawyers, creatives, entertainers, athletes, and so much more.

Amplify Black was born out of desire, frustration, and love. We aren't the first directory for Black owned businesses, but we do want to be the best. Black owned businesses have a marvelous and resilient tumultuous history. They deserve to be celebrated, to thrive, and to have longevity. In order to do that we have to find them, support them, and then amplify them.

The Mission

Empower consumers to discover, support, and amplify Black owned and operated businesses and organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Amplify Black necessary?

Unfortunately, companies owned by people of color face unique obstacles and challenges. Our goal is to give voice to these often overlooked and underappreciated artists, chefs, designers, craftsmen, and innovators! Their success is our success. Which we hope will inspire support from you and encourage other to pursue entrepreneurial paths.

The information about my business is incorrect, what should I do?
I saw a business on the website that I swear a white person owns, why would this happen?

Crowd sourced data can be tricky and sometimes we make mistakes. Please reach out to us at and we'll fix it.

How much does it cost to list a business?

There is no cost to list. Activism takes many forms; we are skilled at designing websites and view this as our opportunity to give back and Amplify Black.

What can I do to help Amplify Black succeed?

As a digital community platform our success depends on you. Share black-owned businesses with us here. Tell the Amplify.Black story and most importantly support the companies listed on our website.

Now you know about us, find a business

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